Bronze partner

About Jolicloud

Jolicloud was created in 2009 with the vision of combining the infinite power of the cloud with the most simple and elegant user interface. The journey started with Joli OS, a free operating system transforming the way people are using low cost computers. Today, Jolicloud is the most innovative platform to access our life online, from computers to mobile.

Founded by Tariq Krim and Romain Huet, Jolicloud is headquarted in Paris, France.

Why we are partnering with dotJS

At Jolicloud we strongly agree with Brendan Eich when he famously said “Always bet on JavaScript”. We have been pushing JavaScript to its limits, both in the browsers with HTML5 and the server side with Node to create beautiful and disruptive products.

As a company that relies on and believes in JavaScript, we are delighted to be partners of DotJS. This is a great initiative for the both international and local JS community and we hope that it is just beginning of something bigger.

Be sure to come by and meet us at our smoothie & juice bar — the Smoothie Stack — at the venue on the 30th!